City of Petoskey


The City of Petoskey has received more than $518,000 from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. Acquisition grants funded purchases of land for the Petoskey Skyline Trail; acquisitions of 80 and 65 acres provided trail linkage to 480 acres of City-owned land and 800 acres of City and State public lands, respectively. The City received MNRTF development grants for the construction of the Quarry Harbor Non-Motorized Trail and the Downtown Greenway.

“The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund has been utilized by the City of Petoskey for both acquisition and development projects. The Trust Fund has leveraged our local dollars set aside for parkland development and acquisition and allowed the City to complete projects that could not have been undertaken if self-funded. These funds have not only positively impacted our residents but also those of the region and state who come to the Petoskey area to utilize our non-motorized, multi-purpose trail system or hike the North Country Scenic Trail.”

– Allen L. Hansen, Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Petoskey