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Clinton County

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Trust Fund grants were pivotal in acquiring and developing parks and green space areas in Clinton County. Francis Motz County Park hosts Searles Lake and invites participation in various park and water-based outdoor recreation activities. Accessible developments included a picnic area, beach, fishing pier, walkways, bathhouse, and parking lot. The park received six awards for its universally accessible design, which is strictly maintained. Motz Park receives 60,000 – 80,000 annual visits, 15% of visitors are non-residents of Clinton County. The park has provided free access to all since opening in 2010.

MNRTF grants have also been fundamental in the acquisition of the 272 Clinton Lakes County Park. The park holds two lakes and is to remain minimally developed, in order to focus on providing high-quality natural resources and natural resource recreation. Activities include fishing, waterfowl and small game hunting, deer hunting for disabled veterans, nature observation, hiking/walking, and canoe and kayak use. Walking trails are mowed around Big Clinton Lake and Little Clinton Lake.

“Prior to 2007, Clinton County did not have a county-owned and managed park system. Since 2007, the county has acquired two regional parks, which contain three interior lakes with a combined surface area of 117 acres. The three lakes are truly a public treasure in an area of the state without significant-high-quality surface water recreational opportunities. All this came about during a poor economic time when governments were simply striving to provide basic services. Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grants were critical to the establishment of Clinton County’s growing regional park system!”

– Gerald Jaloszynski, Former Director, Clinton County Parks and Greenspace Commission