City of Wyoming

City of Wyoming


The City of Wyoming has received more than $670,000 from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. Grants have funded: the development of elevated walks, observation areas, a trail, bridge, nature center, parking, signage and benches at Buck Creek Nature Preserve; the renovation of an existing city park in Battjes Lake with fishing decks, a picnic shelter, restrooms, a basketball court, and playground equipment; and the redevelopment of Oriole Park to include accessibility improvements, a walking trail, new basketball and tennis courts, a children’s playground and splash pad, a shade structure, an oak habitat and landscaping, and interpretive signage.

“Developing our parks as personal neighborhood sanctuaries that work to inspire feelings of tranquility and happiness, creating an oasis to escape the rigors of everyday life, and through the physical environment, promote health and wellness. This is how the Natural Resources Trust Fund is making a difference in the lives of everyday citizens and the City of Wyoming.”

– Jack Poll, Mayor, City of Wyoming

“The Natural Resources Trust Fund is a key component in ensuring the ongoing investment of public land acquisition and development; leveraging the economic benefits of property value increases for the broader community. Our partnership with the State of Michigan and the MNRTF sustains the City of Wyoming through social equity, environmental quality, and economic strength.”

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