City of Houghton

City of Houghton


“The City of Houghton has been fortunate in receiving several Trust Fund grants to acquire and develop land for public parks. With the assistance of the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, the city is able to provide readily accessible public space and diverse recreational opportunities to the entire community. All of the city’s parks are available free of charge; maintained by the department of public works under direction of the city manager.

The MNRTF has funded a variety of projects in Houghton, including boardwalks and a year-round chalet at Nara Nature Park, one of the community’s most well-used parks, which provides multi-season outdoor recreation opportunities. A Trust Fund grant made the purchase of East Houghton Waterfront Park possible, and subsequent grants funded amenities at both West and East Houghton Waterfront Parks, which are very popular with residents and tourists alike.

The City received grants to fund the development of College Avenue Park, the construction of a deck and seating area to view the Portage Waterway, the purchase of East Houghton Greenspace Park, and the future acquisition of a Central Houghton Greenspace Nature Area, which will provide 3.4 acres of undeveloped land in central Houghton to maintain a natural area for the community to enjoy.”

– Gernot Joachim, City Councilor, City of Houghton

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