Emmet County

Emmet County


More than $7.1 million across 10 MNRTF grants to Emmet County has funded the acquisition of land on Lake Michigan, Little Traverse Bay, the Carp and Maple Rivers, Pickerel Lake, Cedar Creek, and overlooking the Straits of Mackinac, to create public parks including Headlands International Dark Sky Park, Little Traverse Bay View Park, Resort Bluffs, and Pet-O-Se-Ga campground. The MNRTF also funded portions of the Little Traverse Wheelway, an economic engine utilized by more than 10,000 people daily in the summer months.

“I think for me, the best thing about receiving the MNRTF grants is the ability to provide recreational spaces to everyone, regardless of their family’s means. The funding opens up opportunities for everyone, especially to those who may not have otherwise experienced what I feel are some of the true blessings in life…going to the river to cast in a line, heading to the shoreline to jump in the lake, or exploring the vast beauty of the forest and being lucky enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of wildlife.

The Trust Fund has given Emmet County the ability to provide all that recreation has to offer – the appreciation of our natural resources, the education that comes from innovative recreational programming, the priceless health benefits associated with recreational activities, and most importantly, the opportunity for families to carry on traditions that are reinforced through the power of recreation. I am glad to be part of a field that provides so much to so many.”

– Laurie Gaetano, Director, Emmet County Parks

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