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Canton Charter Township has received more than $1.8 million from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund through five grants, which have funded acquisition and development grants for Heritage Park, Patriot Park, and Lower Rouge River Trail Bridges.

“The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grants awarded to Canton Township have had a far-reaching impact within our community by enabling Canton to expand and improve our recreational offerings to residents and visitors alike. Significant projects that might not otherwise have been undertaken include: the development of a 95,000 square-foot community recreation center; the construction of seven miles of recreational trails, and the acquisition of over 240 acres added to our local parks.

The benefits resulting from these enhanced amenities continue moving our economy forward, while also protecting our open spaces, and providing resources that contribute to making Canton a more attractive place to live and work. None of these incredible places would be what they are today without the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. We’ve been able to build the future of Canton – one recreation center, one trail, and one park at a time.”

– Debbie Bilbrey-Honsowetz, Director, Canton Leisure Services